Straight Razor Shaves

You're tilted back and relaxed in a comfortable barber recliner where Juan's licensed barbers sees all the vantage points of your face you can't see at home in your mirror shaving yourself.

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Experienced Service

Old Time Barbers doing today's new styles including facial shaves, skin fade, razor fade,
razor works, flat tops, tapers flat tops and
all barber styles. Walk-ins welcomed!

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The Art Of Barbering

A barber knows how to cut a man’s hair unlike many unisex chain salons where you walk out with a crappy haircut that looks decent for the first week or so, but eventually grows out into a horrible bowl.

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You're Gonna Love Juan's Barber Shop Art Of Barbering

Juan's barbers know how to cut a man’s hair unlike most unisex salon chains that staff cosmetologists that are not trained barbers, and the difference between them and Juan's neighborhood friendly old and new school Barber Shop expertise can be a dopey-looking haircut and a great one!

Furthermore Juan's Barber Shop still does great traditional single blade razor shaves the unisex salon chains don't offer, and you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the pleasures of a great shave at Juan's.